Do it yourself toolkit

Do it yourself
This is a toolkit on how to invent, adopt or adapt ideas that can deliver better results

These tools are not coming out of thin air. Many of them are well documented and have been widely used in other sectors. In that sense this toolkit is standing on the shoulders of giants, and we are happy to acknowledge that.

Wow, let me download this!  DIY toolkit (59 downloads)

Once you have an idea you’d like to test, use the Test Idea Worksheet and Hypothesis Worksheet to ensure that your theory is well-supported by qualitative and quantitative data, and that you have concrete next steps that will help you get your experiment built and launched.

I need this tool bro!  Test idea framework (29 downloads)

The Validation Board is a great tool to help entrepreneurs stay focused on taking action while implementing the testing process.

Great, let me use it…  Validation board (39 downloads)

If you want to clarify your priorities by defining your goals and the path to reach them, you should start using this tool!

Ok, let me have a look!  Theory of change (36 downloads)




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