iLike Hub: a co-working space to the young rural innovators

iLike Hub is a tech space in Voi town, Kenya which provides a conducive co-working space to the young rural innovators to come up with tech and business solutions. iLike Hub also empowers and mentor rural ladies of age 15-30 year into tech by providing weekly trainings on both tech and business topics.

While technology is the foundation of innovation, technology alone is not enough. For technology to fulfill its true potential, citizens, and more importantly the youth, need to be empowered and engaged through technology.

The challenge of getting the youth online is, however, still dependent on developing infrastructure on a nation-wide scale, improving coverage in remote and under-served areas, and improving international capacity at a content level.

Beyond connectivity and access to the internet, we need to think about modernising and transforming the education and training systems we have on the continent.

Founder: Gift Mtambo

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Tunapanda, bridging digital divides

Tunapanda is an educative institution delivering three-month intensive learning experiences in tech, design, and business. Tunapanda bridging digital divides in Kenya.

There is no cost to the trainees to learn, and to date, we have graduated over 100 young people.

The focus of Tunapanda is comprised of our in-house technical, professional, and business training services equipping young people with the skills to solve local and global issues.

Produced by Tunapanda is the root of our institution: the proceeds from this section allow us to provide free, offline open source educative materials and to run our Basic Tracks free of cost.

Tunapanda focus on low-cost replicability of training facilities and can offer turnkey solutions for learning. They enable anyone to open schools and create learning experiences in their communities using our unique operating pedagogy, open source tools, offline education networks, and more.

Founder: Maureen Moraa

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Urise to train young refugees

URISE believes that today’s young refugees can be at the forefront of social and economic change through strengthening mutual cross-cultural understanding and enhancing collaboration among different communities.

URISE stands for U: Ubuntu, R: Restore, I: Inspire, S: Solve, E: Encourage

We use technology to train young refugees with relevant ICT skills that they can apply in real life situations to build their social and economic value. We merge the use of technology and peace education to instil the spirit of peace-making to young refugee generation. We believe in the power we have as young refugees to rebuild our broken countries and as well as our refugee communities.

Therefore, the URISE Tech training centre intends to facilitate creativity, innovation, teamwork, collaboration and Trust among young refugees whom we believe are in need of life change.

Founder: Emerimana Daniel Christian

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Emerging Leaders Foundation

ELF as we call it, is a self-discovery journey that equips youth and young adults with knowledge and skills to enable them to constructively participate in governance and policy processes as well as to be ready for the job market. We have deliberately designed a training and mentorship experience for individuals to impact their community and for interns or entry-level workers to muster necessary skills to thrive in life. We have a team of dedicated staff, mentors and well-wishers dedicated to preparing young men and women to rise to challenge of providing the leadership and good governance that the continent of Africa needs to leap forward.

Founder: Alvin Tofler Munyasia


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Vitabu Vyetu literacy program

At Vitabu Vyetu, we equip community libraries with books with the aim to improve a reading culture as well as run reading programs where we teach the students basic literacy skills. Vitabu Vyetu is a non-governmental organization in the process of upgrading from a community-based organization and was founded in March of 2014. The organization symbolizes the sense of ownership of one’s education and books, which are the main tools needed for one to build their future.

Founder: Wanja Kibuki


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Proyecto Alto Perù against criminal acts

Peru is the country with one of the highest rate of crime victims in LATAM. In Lima, criminal acts among young people have increased by more than 80% and 14 out of 100 students drop out of college, of whom 27.2% leave because of disinterest. We use sport, education and the intervention of urban spaces to promote social change. We provide opportunities and healthy spaces for children and young people from vulnerable areas of Chorrillos, Lima. Our work began ten years ago and our lines of action have evolved. Through our programs children build the skills and confidence to create a brighter future for themselves and their community.

Founder: Matias Ballon


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