Vitabu Vyetu literacy program

At Vitabu Vyetu, we equip community libraries with books with the aim to improve a reading culture as well as run reading programs where we teach the students basic literacy skills. Vitabu Vyetu is a non-governmental organization in the process of upgrading from a community-based organization and was founded in March of 2014. The organization symbolizes the sense of ownership of one’s education and books, which are the main tools needed for one to build their future.

Founder: Wanja Kibuki


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Lulu Thamani for gender equality

Lulu Thamani aims to meet the needs of women from underprivileged communities by boosting their confidence through creating gender inclusive activities for all community members. We provide relevant skills for women’s increased workforce participation by enabling them to access employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities. We also have inclusive activities for men and community leaders to take part in women’s growth and empowerment, these include home visits, luncheons, community activities among others.

Founder: Joan Mwende

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Proyecto Alto Perù against criminal acts

Peru is the country with one of the highest rate of crime victims in LATAM. In Lima, criminal acts among young people have increased by more than 80% and 14 out of 100 students drop out of college, of whom 27.2% leave because of disinterest. We use sport, education and the intervention of urban spaces to promote social change. We provide opportunities and healthy spaces for children and young people from vulnerable areas of Chorrillos, Lima. Our work began ten years ago and our lines of action have evolved. Through our programs children build the skills and confidence to create a brighter future for themselves and their community.

Founder: Matias Ballon


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Sutedo against diabetes

There is a large knowledge gap on diabetes and its management in the communities among people living with the disease, caretakers and healthcare professionals leading to a series of misdiagnosis, mismanagement and premature deaths; we are already educating all these categories of people, but faced with the challenges of either reaching them in time or transporting them for trainings. Knowledge is one of the key management strategies and we have a lot to do in this area given the myths and ignorance about diabetes, especially type 1 and gestational diabetes.

Founder: Joanita Ayenyo

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Mudita Moveis, sustainable design furniture

Produce and sell sustainable design furniture using discarded materials as pallet wood and hydrant hose. Our reason to be is to create purpose and adicional income to low income people. For that reason we have a fair trade production chain that uses cooperatives and social businesses as vendors, and low income unemployed mothers as the furniture assemblers, who do each furniture with love and care each piece handmade.

Founder: Ana Lucia Abdulkader

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Skillando, a changemakers community

Skillando is a web platform whose ultimate goal is to aggregate, inspire and collaborate changemaker that are facing specific problems in the social context. Skillando was developed during the social innovation program at Amani Institute in Nairobi and is a partner of Tunapanda and Elfafrica; thanks to these associations, the needs and barriers experienced by young social entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and changemakers have been analysed in order to develop effective solutions.

Founder: Filippo Scorza

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