Anxiety and Doubt, a personal look into my life

This is a personal look into my life and my daily struggles with anxiety, doubt and the overall role of fitting in.

Having grown up with extremely low self-esteem, it has taken me years to finally understand how the reservations I had about myself growing up, still affects my daily living as an adult.

Since my passion seems to lie in the youth empowerment sector, and having worked with youth between the ages of 13 and 20 in the past two years, I have been awakened to the importance of cultivating the spirit of confidence in them as they grow and evolve into young adults.

My main motivation lies in the fact that in the African setting, openly speaking of depression and mental health issues is largely unheard of, and as a result, a lot of us tend to suffer in silence.

Mine is not a certified mental health issue, but rather a symptom and if left unchallenged, could lead to the manifestation of the disease itself.

It is therefore clear to me that this conversation needs to start to enable me to heal whatever hurt that still resides in me and if my vulnerability is what it takes to help start this conversation and get the message across to my students, then so be it.

Founder: Winnie Akara


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Sutedo against diabetes

There is a large knowledge gap on diabetes and its management in the communities among people living with the disease, caretakers and healthcare professionals leading to a series of misdiagnosis, mismanagement and premature deaths; we are already educating all these categories of people, but faced with the challenges of either reaching them in time or transporting them for trainings. Knowledge is one of the key management strategies and we have a lot to do in this area given the myths and ignorance about diabetes, especially type 1 and gestational diabetes.

Founder: Joanita Ayenyo

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